BAD BOY Teaser


Long Version
Credit: negimax9@YT

니가 사랑하는 나는
The ‘Me’ that you love—

Sorry, I’m a bad boy

그래 차라리 떠나 잘가요
Fine. Actually, just leave; goodbye.

You’re a good girl

시간이 갈수록 널 알면은알수록
Although, as time goes on, as I go on to know you more,

실망감만 안겠지만
all that may be gained would be disappointment.

Baby don’t leave me

I know you still love me

Why are you doing this to me?

솔직히 말해
To tell you the truth
Just tell me the truth

니가 필요해
I need you

my la- la- la- lady, my la- la- la- lady
Credit: toptopia@tumblr

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