Korean Romanization:
*gyeouri gago bomi chajaojyo
urin sideulgo
geurium soge mami meongdeureotjyo

**I’m singing ma blue sarang nunmule paran seulpeume gildeureotjyo
I’m singing ma blue seotteun gureume nallyeobonaen sarang oh oh

gateun haneul dareun go neowa na wiheom hanikka neoegeseo tteonajuneungeoya
nimiran geuljae bigeobhajiman naega motna sumneungeoya
janinhan ibyeoreun sarang ui mallo
geu eotteon maldo wilodoel sun eobtdago
ama nae insaengui majimak mallo magi naelyeooneyo ije

taeeonaseo neol mannago
jugeulmankeum saranghago
parahge muldeureo sirin naemam
nuneul gamado neol neukkil su eobtjanha


simjangi meojeun geotman gata jeonjaengi kkeutnago geugose eol eobuteun neowana
nae meorissog segyeojin trauma i nunmul mareumyeon
chogchoghi gieoghali naesarang
oerobjido oerobjido anha haengbogeun da honjaman geu isang bogjabhan geon motchama
daesurobjido amureohjido anha byeolsu eobtneun banghwang saramdeureun watda ganda

taeeonaseo neol mannago
jugeul mankeum saranghago
parahge muldeureo sirin naemam
neoneun tteonado nan geudaerong itjanha

oneuldo paran jeo dalbit araee nahollo jami deulgetjyo
kkum soge tteonan geudaereul chaja hemaeimyeo i noraereul bulleoyo

oh oh

Cre: bestiz BIGBANG

English Translation:
*The winter had passed
And the spring has come
We have withered
And our hearts are bruised from longing

**(I’m singing my blues)
Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues)
The love that I have sent away with the floating clouds, oh oh

Under the same sky, at different places
Because you and I are dangerous
I am leaving you
One letter difference from ‘nim’^
It’s cowardly but I’m hiding because I’m not good enough
Cruel breakup is like the end of the road of love
No words can comfort me
Perhaps my lifetime’s last melodrama
Now its final curtain is coming down

I was born and I met you
And I have loved you to death
My cold heart that has been dyed blue
Even with my eyes closed, I can’t feel you



I feel like my heart has stopped beating
You and I, frozen there, after a war
Trauma, that has been carved in my head
Once these tears dry up, I will moistly remember my love
I’m neither painful nor lonely
Happiness is all self-talk
I can’t stand something more complicated
It’s no big deal, I don’t care
Inevitable wandering, people come and go

I was born and I met you
And I have loved you to death
My cold heart that has been dyed blue
Even if you have left, I’m still here


Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight
I will probably fall asleep alone
Even in my dreams, I look for you
And wander around while singing this song

**Repeat (X2)


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5 thoughts on “BIG BANG – BLUE

  1. very nice this song…I luv u BIGBANG

  2. wooow Yeyyy Big Bang ^_^
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Is Banckk….

  3. poor vip bali on said:

    wow… really cool… oppa don’t give up.. vips always support big bang.. figthing…..

  4. Widya Pratiwi on said:

    BIGBANG DAEEEBAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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