BIG BANG Japanese Full Albums Download

Number 1 (2008)
1. “Intro”
2. “Number 1”
3. “Make Love (English)”
4. “Come Be My Lady (English)”
5. “Haru Haru”
6. “With U (English)”
7. “How Gee (English)”
8. “Baby Baby (English)”
9. “So Beautiful (English)”
10.”Remember (English)”
12.”Everything (English)”
13.”Always (English)”
14.”Candle (Together Forever) (Japanese)”

Big Bang (2009)

1. “Intro”
2. “Gara Gara Go!” (ガラガラ Go!!)
3. “Bringing You Love”
4. “My Heaven” (Japanese version of 천국 (Cheon-guk, Heaven))
5. “Stay”
6. “Top of the World”
7. “Follow Me”
8. “Baby Baby” (Japanese version of 마지막 인사 (Majimak Insa, Last Farewell))
9. “Emotion”
10. “Love Club”
11. “Always” (Japanese version of “Always”)

Big Bang 2 (2011)

1. “Intro (Thank You & You)”
2. “Tonight” (Japanese Version)
3. “Somebody to Luv” (Japanese Version of “Somebody to Love”)
4. “Beautiful Hangover”
5. “Ora Yeah!” (“オラ Yeah!”)
6. “Tell Me Goodbye”
7. “Koe o Kikasete” (“声をきかせて”)
8. “Ms. Liar” (Japanese Version of “Stupid Liar”)
9. “Hands Up”
10.”Love Song”

The Best of Big Bang (2011)

*Klik judul album untuk men-download*

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